About Me

My name is Gemma Burnett-Hitchcock and I am a mum of two, aged 14 and 8. I live in Crowborough, East Sussex. I have been supporting pregnant and new mums for over 10 years now.

I have trained as both a birth and postnatal doula with Nurturing Birth, the UK’s largest doula school, and am currently mentored through Doula UK, which means I have a mentor, who is herself an experienced doula, course leader and infant feeding specialist.

I went on to train as an antenatal educator with Nurturing Birth, and more recently with BabyCalm™, developing my knowledge of baby development and psychology.

Previously I worked as a refuge support worker for Women’s Aid, and as a counsellor at Rape Crisis, and have facilitated various training and support groups in other agencies over the years.

I have been totally blind all my life, and am Chair and founder member of Blind Mums Connect, an organization providing information and support to visually impaired mums across the UK.

I also coordinate the national breastfeeding peer support project for visually impaired mums.

Locally, I run small group antenatal preparation courses with my friend and doula colleague, Lisa-Jane of Doula Mammas, whilst offering my V I clients face to face workshops, telephone sessions or a combination of both.

As a doula, I also offer flexible support through pregnancy and/or the postnatal period, specializing in distance support for V I parents.

My classes and doula-ing draw on my birth educator and BabyCalm™ training, as well as my experience of supporting literally dozens of parents over the years. Being a blind mum myself, and becoming increasingly aware of the lack of knowledgeable support, I have opted to specialize in working with V I parents.

I have experience of supporting mums and dads from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds and with very varied needs – that’s one of the things I love best about my work, the sheer variety! That and the fact that I get to drink lots of coffee on the job and talk about babies for hours on end! Seriously, the very best thing about my job is seeing parents becoming more relaxed and confident in their ability to cope with the challenges that parenting brings us, particularly as V I parents.


    • BabyCalm™ Teacher Training, with BabyCalm™, July 2013
    • “Preparing For Vaginal Birth After Caesarean” with Nurturing Birth, Jan. 2012
    • “KEE To Birth” birth educator training, with Nurturing Birth, Sept. 2011
    • Birth and postnatal doula training, with Nurturing Birth, May 2009
    • Breastfeeding Counsellor Training, with NCT, 2009 *
    • Cert. Counselling, 2005
    • HE Cert. Counselling Skills, 2003
    • PG Dip Disability Studies, Leeds University, 2002
    • Cert. Train A Trainer, 2000
    • BA Hons. Spanish, Leeds University, 1999
    • Cert. TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language), 1999
    • Cert. Developing Counselling Skills, 1999
    • Cert. Intro. To Counselling Skills, 1998

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