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Whether you are experiencing complex medical issues, or a straight forward pregnancy, whether you feel you are struggling emotionally, or you are swanning along, I will be here at the end of the phone, to listen and support you, and to share my experience and knowledge when needed.


Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can be a nervous time too, and for some of us, downright scary. It can also feel overwhelming trying to make sense of the reams of information and conflicting advice we are bombarded with as new mums.

All parents can benefit from clear information about labour and baby care, and the opportunity to explore their feelings about birth and parenthood. V I parents particularly can feel unsure where to turn for information and practical tips about how to tackle the challenges of V I parenting. Whether your sight loss is recent, or you have been V I for many years, caring for a new baby can be pretty daunting, and you may wonder about how to deal with some basic daily routines, including breastfeeding, changing and bathing, making up bottles, and getting out and about with your new bundle.

Unfortunately, these days community midwives are so over-stretched that they tend not to have the time they would like to spend with each individual expectant mum. Childbirth and parent craft classes can feel impersonal and rushed, and rarely provide the chance to tackle emotional aspects at this important time. Friends and family may be full of well-meaning advice, but sometimes it can be a relief to talk to somebody “separate”, somebody who will really listen to you, without imposing her own agenda, and who has expertise to tap into when you choose to.

As V I parents, it can be frustrating to feel that health professionals, relatives and friends aren’t able to help when it comes to those things we need to do slightly differently – as I always say, there’s more than one way to do nearly everything! But instead of having to find your own way from scratch, it can be a great relief to find out the tips and tricks, equipment and services which other V I parents find helpful.

I will be available from as early on as you like, until a few days or even weeks after your baby is born. Unlike your midwife, I’m not obliged to hand you over to another professional shortly after the birth. We can agree between us when you are happy to finish with regular support. In addition, I can help you to find face to face support if you want it – birth and postnatal doulas, breastfeeding counsellors, sling consultants, Positive Birth groups, Children’s Centres, Home Start and Social Services funded “direct payments” are some examples of sources of support which can be useful, and I can help work out what kind of help is right for you, so you can make best use of the services which are local to you.

If you’ve already had your baby, I can support you as needed, to chat through any difficulties, and give practical suggestions when you want them. My experience as a postnatal doula, as well as a BabyCalmTM teacher, and obviously as a blind mum myself, means that I have lots of tried and tested techniques to share, from feeding and soothing tips to choosing buggies and carriers and keeping track of little ones once they are on the move!

Depending on where you live, I can offer you doula support by phone or Skype, through pregnancy and/or the postnatal period, or you might opt to combine face to face sessions with phone support.

What I do:

  • Provide consistent emotional support throughout pregnancy and the early days with your new baby
  • Listen without judging your feelings or choices for birth and parenting
  • Talk you through your options for birth and help you make a birth plan
  • Help you “DEBRIEF” your previous birth/s
  • Give you unbiased, researched information
  • Help you gather information about specific needs or conditions if needed
  • Help you locate other support if you want it
  • Provide accessible handouts and links
  • Give you access to my library of birth books and DVD’s

What I don’t do:

  • Tell you what to do
  • Give medical advice
  • Try to persuade you to make certain choices
  • Advocate natural birth for everyone
  • Tell you other women’s labour horror stories
  • Disappear shortly after the birth

If you feel that this kind of support might be what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact me for a chat about your individual situation. During a no obligation chat, we can work out together a package and cost which suits you.

The cost of doula support by phone is £10 per hour, or £160 if you book a package of 20 hours up front.

I do offer concessionary charges for parents on low incomes, so if you are worried about costs, or want some information about the Doula UK Access Fund, do give me a call to discuss it.

I don’t usually attend births, but if a blind doula’s what you’re after, feel free to get in touch about your individual situation.

I may also be able to put you in touch with a local doula with experience of visual impairment.

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