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Supporting Visually-impaired Parents: a training day for midwives, doulas and birth educators.

Run by a doula and birth educator who is herself a blind mum, the aim of the workshop is to provide you with the knowledge and understanding to offer your services to visually impaired parents, and to support them more confidently.

The schedule includes: understanding disability, making classes and information accessible, the impact of visual impairment on the birth experience, sharing practical babycare skills with V I parents, breastfeeding basics for V I mums.

Participants will have the opportunity to examine their own practice, discuss the specific needs of visually impaired parents, and try out some equipment and techniques which can be useful. Comprehensive handouts are provided, along with links to other specialist support.

Please get in touch for details of upcoming workshops.

I also offer tailored workshops for particular groups of professionals, focusing on the specific area of support they provide.

Groups who might benefit include:

    • Midwives,
    • Health visitors,
    • Doulas,
    • Antenatal teachers,
    • Breastfeeding counsellors
    • Social workers,
    • Rehab. Workers.

The training I offer draws on the information and strategies I have shared with dozens of visually impaired mums over the years, as we have learnt from one another, and as a totally blind mum with 2 children myself, I have first hand experience of the joys and challenges which V I parenting brings. My training as a doula and childbirth educator gives me an good working knowledge of the services offered by the various professionals involved in support for new parents, and how that support can be appropriately provided to visually impaired parents.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific training requirements.

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